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HPA Election Notice:

The HPA Election is live for the positions of Member-at-large for the HPA board of Directors, Milton Representative for the HPA Board of Directors, and HPA Milton Representative to the CCH-OHT Collaborative Committee.

Halton Physician Association Annual General Meeting 2024 group picture

Halton Physician Association Annual General Meeting 2024

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Build and support a community of physicians in Halton who advocate for, and provide access to high-quality, equitable, effective patient-centered care.

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May 2024

A Message from the Connected Care Halton Ontario Health Team:

Dear OHT Partners,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Enhanced Primary Care Pathways and Integrated Care (EPPiC) Team. This initiative, funded by the Interprofessional Primary Care Team grant, aims to expand access to primary care for Halton’s most vulnerable populations through an innovative and integrated approach.

The EPPiC Team will provide critical support to local shelters and encampments, ensuring care is accessible to those who need it most. By fostering trust and facilitating connections with primary care providers, we aim to improve health outcomes and community wellness.

For detailed information about the EPPiC Team, please see the attached press release.

Thank you for your continued support in enhancing healthcare access in our community.

April 2023
Dr Lauren Forrest

Dr Lauren Forrest is a psychiatrist practicing in the North Halton Mental Health Clinics (NHMHC) in both Georgetown and Milton. She sees a mix of general psychiatry and first episode psychosis through the Phoenix Early Intervention in Psychosis program. Her passion lies in working with patients with psychotic disorders, both in the early stages of illness and implementing medication and psychosocial strategies that can hugely impact their recovery and long-term prognosis as well as working with patients with chronic, treatment resistant psychotic disorders to improve their symptom control and quality of life.

View More: http://nataliewesterbeekphotography.pass.us/lauren-and-andi

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