Our Mandate

Create a community of Halton physicians who work with local partners to support one another and optimize our collective ability to provide the best care possible to our patients within Halton Hills, Milton, and Oakville. The goals of this community of physicians include:

  • Working toward optimal delivery of resources in the region, including with respect to, but not limited to, the OHT
  • Supporting effective physician engagement in the OHT and in the community more broadly speaking
  • Providing input on polices and initiatives related to health care in the region
  • Advocating for adequate patient resources, particularly those patients that are underserved (eg: mental health)
  • Improving the quality of physician services offered in the region
  • Sharing evidence-informed best practices amongst the region’s providers
  • Preserving autonomy for primary care and specialist physicians in the region while valuing our interdependence and interdisciplinary care
  • Building up and fostering a fulsome relationship with our local hospitals and community partners, both for the OHT and more generally
  • Promoting inclusion for all community physicians in collaborative models of care and in development of policy initiatives in the region
  • Promoting and supporting fundraising initiatives for local agencies vital to the health of our communities (eg: Canadian Mental Health Association, local hospices, youth sports, hospitals, etc)
  • Creating a mechanism to elect and/or appoint local physicians to any existing or future governance committee or board of the regional OHT