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Wounds to Wisdom: The Healing Journey Continues

2022-09-20 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Wounds to Wisdom
The Healing Journey Continues to
Mino-Biimaadiziwin (The Good Life:)

Facilitated by Dennis Windego MSW and supported by the Grandmothers

September 20, 2022

Country Heritage Park, Milton

9:00am – 4:00PM


Dennis Windego, with the Grandmothers will provide a day of exercises and Ancestral knowledge designed to work through and heal activated and re-surfaced colonial and spiritual wounds after recent events in Canada.  This History and present colonial processes towards the Original People of this land, continues to reveal trauma not only for Indigenous people, but for the people of this land.  It has leached into our society creating a society in trauma, pain, addiction, severe mental health suffering and inequities.

This day will move individuals and the collective forward in identifying their personal trauma and how it appears in their body and for Industry skilled, it will provide skills sacred to Indigenous teachings.

Wounds to Wisdom is a program designed by Dennis Windego with decades of experience and centuries of knowledge transferred by Ancestors, meant for this time to share and heal our collective trauma.

The practices and techniques shared in this one day work shop will transfer knowledge .

Who Should Attend

  • Indigenous community members working in the field or who want to learn more about the approach

  • Non-Indigenous practitioners who want to learn how to support and care for their Indigenous cousins, and apply their learning to working with other clients who have experienced complex trauma

The purpose of this time together is to acknowledge the physical, sexual, spiritual, emotional abuse, neglect, abandonment, loss and grief, and stress that have become an intergenerational inheritance within Indigenous communities, and then to provide space to learn how to support the processing of that trauma. Participants will build a land-based, ancestral place to unravel trauma memories and spiritual wounds in a safe setting using the healing powers of their medicines. Inside this safe place, participants will process, contain, set aside, and gain new wisdom from stuck and long-standing issues they have struggled with. Through this process, participants will gain insight and awareness, and change spiritual wounds to wisdom, healing, and personal growth to mino-biimaadiziwin. Participants will build
sacred bundles they gained from their healing journey in sacred talking circles. Participants will continue to apply insight, awareness, spiritual wisdom, healing, and personal growth in self-care ceremonies as they leave the workshop.

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9:00 am - 4:00 pm