Featured Physicians

December 2022
Dr Jonathan Sam

Dr Jonathan Sam is a pediatrician working both in the community setting in Oakville, as well as the hospital setting at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. He has been involved in numerous physician leadership roles, and is currently the pediatrician lead for the new pathway for pediatrics through SCOPE.

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November 2022
Dr Jeanie Yuh

Dr Jeanie Yuh is an OB/GYNE currently practicing office based medicine in Oakville. She specializes in contraceptive medicine, especially long-acting reversible contraceptives, colposcopy and menopausal hormonal therapy.

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October 2022
Dr Paul Acheampong

Dr Paul Acheampong has been recently appointed as the new Chief of Internal Medicine at the Georgetown Hospital. He is a Consultant Physician at Georgetown Hospital and Milton District Hospital, with specialist expertise in General Internal Medicine, Stroke Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. He is also planning on opening an outpatient clinic in the new year.

September 2022
Dr Simraaj Powar

Meet Dr Powar, a family physician who recently completed her  postgraduate degree in Practical Dermatology from the University of Cardiff in 2022, which awarded her the title of GP-Focused Practice Designation in Dermatology, and is available for referral for many special procedures in addition to skin condition management.

July 2022
Dr Nadia Alam

Dr Nadia Alam is a full scope family physician and GP-anesthesiologist in Georgetown, whose passion for health policy and health system transformation has led her down the path of medical politics as well.  Read more about all of the amazing ways Dr Alam impacts her patients and her community.

Nadia Alam
June 2022
Dr Brian Watada

Dr Brian Watada is a pillar in Family Medicine in the Milton Community, taking care of his patients both in the community and within the hospital setting. He is also a local coroner, teacher, works at a retirement home, and probably has the best answer to the question "Name one person you would take with you if you were going to be stranded on a desert island and why?"