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Dr. Christopher Foster

Meet Dr. Christopher Foster

Clinical area of interest
General endocrinology with a little bit of everything. At the Halton Diabetes Program, I manage a lot of diabetes in pregnancy as well.

Dr. Christopher Foster

How do people refer to you?

  1. My general endocrinology practice
    - Fax a referral to 905-636-6855.
  2. Halton Diabetes Program
    - This is the best route for medically complex or unstable diabetes patients to get multidisciplinary care and an endocrinology consult all in one place.
    - Fax in the standardized Mississauga-Halton central intake form (https://mhcentralintake.com/services/diabetes-education/).
  3. Ontario eConsult (https://otnhub.ca/)
    -  I'm in the process of getting this set up. I will then be searchable through the Direct to Specialist option and can answer endocrinology questions online.

Name one person you would take with you if you were going to be stranded on a desert island and why? David Attenborough... perhaps he could narrate things and make it like a front-row seat to a Planet Earth episode.

Which of these things could you not live without?
Coffee or tea - coffee
Chocolate or chips - chocolate
Books or TV -  I'll have to be honest and say TV. My Netflix has gotten far more use than my bookshelf during the pandemic!