Featured Physician

Dr Jonathan Sam

Dr Jonathan Sam is a pediatrician working both in the community setting in Oakville, as well as the hospital setting at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. He has been involved in numerous physician leadership roles, and is currently the pediatrician lead for the new pathway for pediatrics through SCOPE.

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What is your clinical area of interest?
I love playing detective for our smallest patients and have been serving the community with my pediatric consulting office for over 10 years!

My favourite referrals are still babies because they're so adorably cute (and mine have grown up). But a good chunk of my work includes early intervention for developmental and behavioural concerns including Autism and ADHD. We can do a lot to support families and find the right therapy; even before diagnoses and medications are needed. I have a special interest in bowel-bladder dysfunction and work on special teams with both Sick Kids and McMaster for complex GI and GU issues.  I also have expertise in tongue tie releases (when needed) to support breastfeeding.

What is your contact information?
West Oak Medical
200 - 2525 Old Bronte Road
Oakville, ON
Tel 905-582-7533
Fax 905-582-0766

How do people refer to you?
Please fax a referral with relevant details to my office above.

You are very involved in our community. Can you tell us a little bit about what you have done?
I've also worked at Oakville hospital for over 10 years providing inpatient care, preparing acute care teams with simulation, and have become more involved as a physician leader.
I am currently the pediatrician lead for the exciting Halton OHT SCOPE project that is creating new pathways to connect primary care with hospital resources to reduce ER visits. I'm also honoured to be part of the first cohort of the Inspiring Leaders program at Halton Healthcare, and the Medical Director of our large multidisciplinary clinic at West Oak Medical.
On the side, I've been a rep basketball coach for 5 years and currently lead our Oakville Vytis U13 girls' teams.

Name one person you would take with you if you were going to be stranded on a desert island and why?
My wife and BFF Kelly (as long as our kids were well taken care of). We know how to have fun and struggle together; even in the toughest situations.

Which of these things could you not live without?
Coffee or tea: Iced tea.
Chocolate or chips: Homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
Books or TV: Notebook. Thanks for asking!