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Dr Meghan Daly

Meet Dr Meghan Daly, a family physician in Georgetown. She works mainly in the Emergency Department in Emergency Medicine at Georgetown Hospital, is a founder of the Understory, a wellness-related education non-profit to support Canadian women doctors, and holds many other leadership positions as well!

Dr Meghan Daly

What is your clinical area of interest?

I work primarily in the Emergency Department at Georgetown Hospital.  I have a strong interest in Palliative Care and hope to start doing more work in this area in the near future!

Can you tell us about "Understory" and why you founded it?

Understory is a volunteer-run non-profit that creates accredited wellness-related education to support Canadian women doctors. The organization was founded at the beginning of the pandemic by myself and my best friend Dr. Kelly Anderson after we noticed high levels of distress and burnout in our colleagues. We create innovative and accessible CME-accredited courses that give women physicians a deeper and more holistic understanding of their wellness needs, both in and outside of medicine. This work brings women doctors together in community to allow for ongoing support and dialogue around wellness and burnout.


Tell us more about the leadership roles you have taken on.
I have been working closely with Palliative Care physician and mentor, Dr.Paul Zeni, in creating a formal Community Palliative Care program for Halton Hills. The program will help support Dr.Zeni in providing in-home palliative care to residents of Halton Hills and hopefully be able to serve a greater number of patients with palliative care needs alongside their Family Physicians.
I was also the Georgetown lead of CovidCARE, a peer support program aimed at increasing support and reducing distress amongst staff and physicians at the Georgetown Hospital during the pandemic.
I serve as a VP for the Halton Healthcare Professional Staff Association, helping to serve and advocate for physicians within the organization.


Name one person you would take with you if you were going to be stranded on a desert island and why?
I'd bring my three daughters - they're the most unique, loving and hilarious people I know

Which of these things could you not live without?
Coffee or tea - CHOCOLATE
Chocolate or chips - BOOKS!