Featured Physician

Dr Simraaj Powar

Meet Dr Powar, a family physician who recently completed her  postgraduate degree in Practical Dermatology from the University of Cardiff in 2022, which awarded her the title of GP-Focused Practice Designation in Dermatology, and is available for referral for many special procedures in addition to skin condition management.


What is your clinical area of interest?

Minor Procedures and GP-Focused Practice Designation in Dermatology
Dr. Simraaj Powar MB BCh BAO LRCSI LRCPI CFP PgDip(Derm), graduated from the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland with a medical degree and Bachelor of Obstetrics. Dr. Powar subsequently completed her Family Medicine residency training in 2020 at the University of Western Ontario. She completed dedicated rotations in Dermatology, General Surgery/Plastics, Minor Medical Procedures, General Practice Dermatology, and Urban and Rural Obstetrics. Dr. Powar completed her postgraduate degree in Practical Dermatology from the University of Cardiff in 2022, which awarded her the title of GP Derm.

Dr. Powar’s intrigue for Dermatology stems from the ideology that ‘the skin is the window to the body’, and often can be an indicator of underlying pathology, and a major component of a person’s idea of self. Additionally, she has a curious affinity for visual clinical diagnosis, as evidenced by her numerous publications in the Canadian Journal of Diagnosis.

What is your contact information?

Infinity Health Centre 2441 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville, ON L6L 5V5Phone: (905) 847-2021

Besides skin condition management, what special procedures can you offer? 
Ingrown Nails: Nail Wedge Resection (OHIP) or Vandenbos procedure (Non-OHIP; additional fees apply)

Skin Biopsy/Excision of Lesions (Suspicious/Neoplastic and Cosmetic)
Nexplanon Insertion and Removal (Certified Centre of Excellence for Complex Removals)
Ganglion Drainage
Steroid Joint Injections (Shoulder, Wrist, Knee, Trochanteric Bursa, Tennis Elbow)
Alopecia Areata Steroid Injections
Sexual Health testing, treatment and PrEP
Prenatal Care for patients without a Family Physician (up to 26-28 weeks)
TMJ Botox Protocol (Non-OHIP; additional fees apply)
Migraine Botox Protocol (Non-OHIP; additional fees apply)
Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) Botox Injections (Non-OHIP; additional fees apply)

Cosmetic Botox (Non-OHIP; additional fees apply)

How do people refer to you?

By Fax : 905-847-5042 or https://infinityhealthcentre.com/

GP Focused Practice Designation means that doctors in a FHO or similar model will not be negated or have any effect to access to bonuses during follow-up care/visits billed by Dr. Powar in the realm of Dermatology.

Which of these things could you not live without?

Coffee or tea: Tea
Chocolate or chips: Chips (I prefer to call them crisps)
Books or TV: Books
Favorite Colour: Orange