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Call for Nomination: Collaborative Committee Physician Representative from Milton

The Halton Physician Association is excited to announce the second round of elections for one Collaborative Committee Physician Representative from Milton for the Connected Care Halton Ontario Health Team (CCH-OHT).

The election process begins with this call for nominations of candidates for the position.

About the position:

One (1) primary care physician practicing in Milton.

The HPA seeks nominations of primary care physicians who are passionate about representing Milton on the Connected Care Halton - Ontario Health Team. The successful candidate will aspire to, and have the capacity for: collaborating with healthcare partners; advocating for physicians and patients; and developing, implementing and evaluating creative strategies to improve the provision of healthcare for the physicians and community of Milton.


How long is the term? Two (2) years.

What is the renumeration?   $165/hour for CCH-OHT meetings ~ 2 hours/month

$100/hour for attendance at meetings in an advisory capacity

Click here to access the Nomination Ballot.

All candidate bios will be posted on the HPA and Connected Care Halton OHT websites

Voting will begin May 30th

All physicians practicing in Halton Hills, Milton or Oakville may vote.

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The CCH-OHT physician representatives have enjoyed a first year of many firsts. Kris Martiniuk, Duncan Rozario, and Kiran Cherla welcome the soon to-be-elected Milton primary care physician representative to the team and look forward to working collaboratively with the HPA on the behalf of physicians and patients in the CCH-OHT region.

CCH-OHT physician representatives represent HPA members at the CCH-OHT and bring our concerns and issues regarding healthcare to the table. They strive to foster connections and build affiliations with many health care groups in Halton including SCOPE, ROCK, CMHA, Halton Public Health, the surrounding PCNs in the interest of bettering both physician and patient well-being. In collaboration with the HPA, they seek to implement innovative programs that will improve physician work-place environments. They engage with leaders in our Halton community, physician representatives of the Central West Region, community agencies and HHS leaders to further excellence in comprehensive care for our patients.

Click the link below for a more in-depth job description for a CCH-OHT physician representative:

Job Description_CCH-OHT_rep