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eHealth - eReferral Form is now available, eConsult tips

 eConsult is a fast and easy way to get specialist advice for patient care using OTN.

We would like to share some eConsult Tips and Tricks with you.

  1. New Integration with Ocean- We hope you received the messages from the eConsult Centre of Excellence that discussed the ability to send eConsults through Ocean. This feature speeds up the sending of eConsults.  If you would like more information please let us know and we would be happy to provide a demo and set it up for you.  For more information on the integration please  click here.
  2. Updating your profile- Please take a few minutes to ensure your OTN profile is up to date, including your current location. That will ensure that you get appropriate specialist lists from your region.  Please click here for more information.
  3. Setting your Priority Region: To access the specialists that are closest to you please ensure you set your priority region.  Setting your Priority regions Video.     For a list of specialists in your region please click here.
  4. No Commas in the attachment name- Several specialists have reported that they are not able open attachments submitted with eConsults.  The issue is that a comma has been included in the name of the attachment.  When this happens, the attachment cannot be opened.  Also please ensure that you do not encrypt the attachments.
  5. Lab attachments: When including lab attachments please ensure that you are grouping the labs together in one attachment.  Recently one specialist received an eConsult with 14 different lab attachments!


Ocean eReferral simplifies the referral process by enhancing communication between
clinicians and enabling quick and secure referrals. The eReferral Form is now available for clinicians across Ontario.

Here are the benefits of the eReferral form

  • Ministry funded - No cost to clinicians
  • Integration with most EMRs
  • Pre-populated automatically with patient information
  • Using the map-based directory, complete with wait times where available
  • Reduces administrative tasks, such as the need to make follow-up calls
  • Patients can confirm appointments online and choose to receive email notifications
  • All costs are covered, including training and set-up

See below for more information:

eReferral information

eReferral Specialist Info