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Gender-Affirming Care Resources and Survey

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Gender-affirming care is healthcare provided to trans, non-binary and gender diverse people that is affirming of their identity, experiences and gender. Access to gender-affirming care is essential. 

We know there is a gap in accessibility for our patients to gender-affirming care in Halton.

We are hoping YOU can help the HPA, the Positive Space Network, and the Hamilton Trans Health Coalition gain more insight into the practices of our health care providers in Halton.

We would greatly appreciate if you could take 2 minutes to fill out this SURVEY HERE. We promise it is short!

This will inform these community programs, in order to help develop programs and opportunities to support physicians, and patients, to improve accessibility to gender-affirming care in Halton.

We would also like to provide you with additional resources which may help inform and assist you in providing gender-affirming care in your practice. Click the link below for the resource list (provided by HTHC). 

HTHC - Full Resource List for Providers

For those of you who missed our Gender-Affirming talk on February 9th by Dr Jennifer Huynh, endocrinology, Sarina Sarraf, Resource Coordinator at Positive Space Network, and Kaiden, Project Coordinator at the Hamilton Trans Health Coalition, sign up to be an HPA member (physicians only) and access these slides there.