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Halton COVIDCare@Home Update

On behalf of HHS and CCH-OHT:

"The fifth wave of the pandemic and the arrival of the new Omicron variant has been challenging and resulted in significant medical bed capacity pressures and human resource challenges in our hospitals. We want to reassure you that we have developed plans and strategies so that we are able to continue to provide essential healthcare services to our communities.

This week we reactivated our successful COVIDCare@Home Reconditioning Bundled Care Program - a tri-site remote monitoring bundled care pathway for discharged hospital patients, oxygen dependent and non-oxygen dependent COVID-19 patients and other approved patients. Discharging physicians, in consultation with our Respirology and/or Internal Medicine specialists, will identify patients who would benefit from early discharge home, close monitoring and support services in the community. Patients enrolled in this program will be given a fingertip pulse oximeter (at no charge) with an information package outlining a comprehensive self-monitoring routine. They will be followed daily by a Halton Healthcare Respiratory Therapist and/or Bundled Care Navigator, have access to Home and Community Care services from a rehabilitative perspective, and access to a dedicated health care team 24/7 by phone. We know that primary care physicians have an important relationship with their patients and we want to ensure that you are kept up-to-date on the progress of your patient during their recovery. With this in mind, the Bundled Care Navigator will call or fax you when your patient has been enrolled in this twelve (12) week program and is being discharged from the hospital.

We have also reactivated the COVID @ Home Halton Primary Care Monitoring Support Program. For those patients that are in the community who have been diagnosed with COVID and are at risk for deterioration, they are eligible to be monitored on this program. This program could be used to provide weekend and evening coverage, or if a sole practitioner or office is unable to monitor your patient the monitoring can be managed by Home and Community Care Support Services. Through referral into this program your patients will also have access to 24/7 phone support as well as escalation for after hour support. In the attached toolkit you will find the process map for monitoring, referral to home and community care to enroll your patient in this program, as well as additional patient education tools that you may find helpful in the management of your patients.

If any additional questions or concerns, you can call and utilize the Seamless Care Optimizing the Patient Experience (SCOPE) Nurse Navigator at 289-952-2457 or SCOPE@haltonhealthcare.com."

Letter _ COVID Care @ Home January 21 2022

Toolkit - COVID@Home Halton Program - _June 1 2021