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Preparedness for Omicron variant: Health Human Resources - Memo from Ontario Health

Earlier this week, Ontario Health sent out this memo through various pathways. Apologies for any duplications, but we wanted to ensure all of our physicians have access to this pertinent and timely message. Please review the attached memo below as soon as possible.

"Through our Ontario Health (OH) regions, we will continue to work with you to coordinate care across
the system and preserve essential human resource capacity minimizing, where possible, the impact on
service. With this in mind, we are advising the following:
 Primary care and community health providers continue to make every effort to remain open,
continuing the provision of urgent care in-person and together with Public Health Units and
Ontario Health Teams, prioritizing the roll out of vaccinations
 Home and community care partners continue to make every effort to support care in the
home and transfers to long term care as appropriate.
 Hospitals and Independent Health Facilities (IHFs) pause all ramp up of scheduled surgical and
procedural activity (non-emergent and non-urgent) following the holiday period until further
 Hospitals be ready to accept patient transfers, within 24-48 hours, when directed by their
GTA/Regional response structure or IMS
 For Long Term Care homes, continue to follow the guidance provided in Directive #3 specific
to adhering to all infection and prevention control measures and the additional temporary
enhanced measures outlined in the December 28th guidance memo. Continue to work with
Ontario Health regions to deploy MEST teams, where available and needed"

To read the memo in its entirety:

OH MemoHSPs_Preparedness for Omicron variant HHR_FINAL