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Research in Primary Care - deadline for interest Dec 3rd, 2021

Evidence based medicine is the hallmark of our quality care, best-practice based delivery of care. Combining the scientific evidence, contextual implementation and policy enablers to actualize on research findings needs primary care as part of the team. With most care being delivered by family physicians, nurse practitioners and community integrated teams, our contribution to the research is imperative.

To build the system ability to include primary care into the study, which informs design and decision making in care delivery modernization, I am bringing together a community of interested providers in our Central Region, to formulate our vision and methods for increasing primary care research.

Those who are already doing research, are interested in contributing or leading research projects in our area, please let me know through email (Mira.Backo-Shannon@ontariohealth.ca) by Friday, December 3, 2021 your particular area of interest in this space.