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Sigmail Virtual Care Platform Information



Sigmail is virtual care platform, certified for billable eConsults, billable telephone consults, video consults and secure messaging.



The SigMail platform does referrals without faxing, secure messaging with patients, video calls for virtual care, and now billable eConsults and telephone consult billing. You decide how much you want to use the platform.

For those of you who were not able to attend our webinar on February 15th, 2023 with Dr Duncan Rozario, you can find the PRESENTATION SLIDES HERE

Additionally, the video is available to watch for any physicians on the Members Only Section of our HPA WEBSITE, under Archives.

Sigmail has completed their integrated OHIP billing for eConsults and telephone consults. We very commonly text or email other physicians patient management questions or do the same on the phone. We rarely bill for this due to logistical issues. However, these are billable OHIP services as long as they are on a secure server and specific requirements are met.

The SigMail platform is a secure server certified for eConsults- where the system does the billing automatically and funds are automatically sent by electronic funds transfer (EFT) into your bank account each month, like your current OHIP billings. If you prefer, a monthly cheque can be sent.

There are no upfront subscription, platform or support costs, and  the nominal transactional fees are taken directly from your monthly OHIP billings on the SigMail platform. You retain 80% of the eConsult billings (no cost for other Sigmail uses), you will have full access to reconciliation reporting, and they estimate $15K+ of incremental revenue for you using our eConsults. The Sigmail system also facilitates the billing of telephone consults between physicians.

The system looks and feels very intuitive just like email and Sigmail assures you that you and your staff will have a minimal learning curve!  Furthermore, SigMail exceeds all required security standards as it is end-to-end encrypted secure messaging and video certified by Ontario Health and Canada Health Infoway.

When you are ready to start, contact Dr Duncan Rozario by email: drozario@sigmailhealthtech.com