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Are you confused about COVID-19? We have compiled resources for you!
Are you getting overwhelmed by the constantly changing recommendations, and the immense amount of resources? Check out our compilation of resources right here.
New COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic in Milton
Prime Care FHT in Milton, in partnership with Halton Hills FHT, Oakmed FHT and Dorval Medical Associates FHT, are running a vaccine clinic at the Milton Sports Centre starting this Saturday, Jan 15th
New COVID, Cold and Flu Care Clinic Opening in Milton
Scheduled to open Monday, January 17th, 2022. Accepting all patients. Same or next day appointments by phone or by booking online.
Dr Kristianna Martiniuk receives OCFP 2021 Award of Excellence

Featured Physician

Dr Jackie Ang

Meet Dr Jackie Ang, a family physician and yoga teacher, with a special interest in mindfulness based group psychotherapy, burnout prevention and physician wellness, and mind-body medicine. She is currently a physician at The Mindfulness Centre in Oakville.

She will also be leading us through a sound meditation on January 19th, 2022, as part of the HPA Wellness and Events Series.

Dr Jackie Ang

What is your clinical area of interest? Mindfulness based group psychotherapy, burnout prevention + physician wellness, mind-body medicine.

What is your contact information? How do people refer to you?

For patient care: Visit for a listing of ongoing groups + programs + fax a referral to 905-338-2717.

For wellness (yoga, meditation, retreats + trainings): you can find me at Yogashala Wellness Centre

Name one person you would take with you if you were going to be stranded on a desert island and why? Robert Macfarlane - he’s a phenomenal writer with extensive wilderness/travel experience, lots of stories to tell and his British accent is wonderful to listen to!

Which of these things could you not live without?

Coffee or tea - coffee

Chocolate or chips - chocolate

Books or TV - books, especially audiobooks

Physician Opportunities

Halton Healthcare
Hospitalist Job Opportunity - Milton District Hospital

Milton District Hospital is seeking Family Physicians interested in practicing Hospitalist Medicine.

Halton Healthcare
Halton Healthcare - Professional Staff Co-Lead job opportunity

Halton Healthcare is seeking qualified physician candidates for the job of Professional Staff Co-Lead for the Inspiring Leadership Program.

Halton Healthcare
Halton Healthcare is Seeking Full-time and Part-time Hospitalists to Join our Georgetown Site Hospitalist Program

 Halton Healthcare is seeking full-time and part-time Hospitalists to join our Georgetown site Hospitalist Program. 

Ontario Health Cancer Care Ontario
Primary Care Expert Panel Member – Guidelines for Clinically Appropriate Use of Virtual Care

Ontario Health is seeking qualified individuals who represent groups with comprehensive primary care expertise to contribute to the development of the Clinically Appropriate Use of Virtual Care Guidelines for primary care.
Deadline for Application: October 28, 2021

Halton Healthcare
Job Opportunity-Surgical Assist at Georgetown Hospital

Want to add some variety into your practice or try something different? Surgical assisting opportunity at Georgetown.

SCOPE Physician Opportunities

SCOPE will be looking for

  • subcommittee physicians
  • community and ER physicians to be part of the pilot program

Please come back later for more information.

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